The 18 Oct 2023 unNewsLetter

Paul Brannigan on Wed Oct 18 2023


You do not need to print a paper ticket. A ticket on a mobile device is ideal, or we can check you in by name. Plenty of tickets have been booked and some remain. Please invite a friend.

Dietary requirements

A buffet lunch is provided. The venue can cater for a number of dietary requirements. Nearer the date an email will be issued with details and we aim to ensure that all dietary requirements are met.


The venue has water fountains. Please bring a refillable bottle. Tea and coffee, water and squash are available throughout the day. 


The event is intended for the 16+ age group. We know that in one or two exceptional cases you may need to bring minors with you. Documentation needs to be completed for minors and the team will cover this once the guest list is more complete. This is not an invitation to bring minors, but an assurance than special cases can be accommodated.


In line with their general safeguarding policies, the school has measures in place to ensure adequate ventilation of the building, and to ensure the safety of students and staff. People who wear masks and who do not wear masks are equally welcome. Our code of conduct is here:

People who have Covid19 symptoms should stay away please!

Adult pastimes

The London Academy of Excellence Tottenham is a sixth form college. And because it’s a school, there will be no smoking, no vaping and no alcohol. This applies throughout the venue, including the roof terrace. Smokers may leave and return to the building during the event.

Session rooms

Sessions are 30 minutes long with 10 minute pauses between them.

The school has had a few changes over the summer and this means that we now have more space. There are 9 session spaces. Seven of these are regular classrooms with large monitors, either 2x 48” monitors or 1x 72" monitor, all of which have short HDMI connections that reach the module on the teacher’s desk. If you want to present from somewhere other than the teacher’s desk you may wish to bring a 3m or 5m HDMI cable of your own. 

All of these regular classrooms are located together on one corridor. The Art rooms and Computer labs are not to be used.

The other available session spaces are The Corner (with a little overspill noise from the social space) and the Roof Terrace (subject to suitable weather). Neither of these two spaces has AV provision, so they are suited mainly to sessions which involve games and/or vocal discussions. There may be some Lego in The Corner at some point. 


We are grateful for the support of the following organisations whose generosity allows us to stage an event which is free for the attendees:

Please show them some love on social media before, during and after the event.

If your organisation would like to become a sponsor please see this page:


The Barcamp London Team