• Liz Eden

    Liz and Terence Eden are cofounders of Open Ideas, a technology consultancy focussed on help with open source resources. Whether as attendees, speakers or volunteer helpers, they have been involved in BarCamps and unconferences for years and years.

  • Paul Brannigan

    You might know him as Proactive Paul, a qualified teacher of ICT, a qualified accountant, and a committed geek. An award winning professional speaker, Paul has spoken at dozens of events in the UK and across Europe, in English, in French, and in Japanese. In his spare time he runs 10km races and the occasional marathon.

  • Sean Tracey

    Sean calls himself a Technologist because he hasn't decided what he wants to do with computers yet - except for everything. Right now, he's the Developer Relations Manager at Moneyhub, and CTO of his own company, KadVR. Sean is based in London, and when not glued to an IDE, you can usually find him at the cinema, or enjoying a walk around a nice park somewhere.

  • Terence Eden

    Terence and Liz Eden also run the popular website Open Benches which is a crowd-sourced collection of memorial benches from around the world. When not working, volunteering, or maintaining Open Benches, they constantly look forward to the next series of Doctor Who!