BarCamp London XII

BarCamp London XII took place on 11 November 2023. The full match report is here.

Sessions may include presentations, round table discussions, hands on workshops, ask the expert, games, and debates. They're all part of the fun. These events attract enthusiasts across all tech disciplines. 

BarCamp is a "participatory unconference", which means that attendees make the event. There is a semi formal start and a semi formal end, and the middle is up to you. The idea is that everyone who comes takes part in some way: that might be running a session (in any form - a talk, a workshop, musical jam session), taking photos, blogging, tweeting etc.

You can run a session on anything you want. Really, anything! There's a guide here. Your session needn't be technical or formal, and can be in any style you're comfortable with. We've had sessions on all sorts of topics in the past such as mixing mojitos, photography, lifehacking, and making sushi (and plenty of other stuff), right through to advanced discussions on programming, hardware hacking, and web design. Take your pick!

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