The 25 Oct 2023 unNewsLetter

Paul Brannigan on Wed Oct 25 2023


Tickets must be booked in advance. Arrivals without pre-booked places cannot be admitted. You do not need to bring a paper ticket. 

Ticket sales will stop at 12.00 noon on 1 Nov 2023, because (a) we've nearly reached capacity and (b) we have to give numbers to the catering team and the venue. If you know somebody who still wants to attend please give them a nudge now.

A waiting list will go into operation at the start of November. If you have a ticket and you can no longer attend please cancel the ticket on Eventbrite by using that same booking page. Thank you.

That way we can release your ticket to the next person on the waiting list.


The venue has provided us with strict guidance on admission and on youngsters. For safety reasons we have to track your arrival and departure from the building. Please co-operate with the Barcamp volunteers on the registration desk who will log your arrival/departure every time you use the entrance/exit.

The venue is fully accessible. It is on Level 1 of the White Hart Lane Stadium complex. On approach, you will probably use the two flights of concrete stairs at the stadium. Adjacent to the stairs there is a long ramp for delivery vehicles and for use by people who need it for mobility.

The venue has no parking facilities. All drivers, disabled or otherwise will need to make other arrangements.

Once inside Lilywhite House use the lifts or stairs to go to Level 3. We have exclusive use of Level 3 and our registration desk is obvious, and located at the entrance to the refectory.

The event is intended for the 16+ age group. We know that in one or two exceptional cases you may need to bring minors with you. A "safeguarding statement" needs to be completed for minors and will be mailed out to known cases. This is not an invitation to bring minors, but an assurance that special cases can be accommodated. Minors need to have their own tickets. If you are not able to return your safeguarding statement before the event, some blank copies will be available at the registration desk.

Do let us know in advance if you are bringing youngsters with you, email

The venue staff and the volunteer team reserve the right to refuse admission.


Lunch is provided for free, with a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. All meat is Halal. Please allow the vegans and vegetarians sufficient scope to take lunch. If you have any other specific dietary requirement not mentioned above please contact ProactivePaul using

Bring a refillable bottle please so that you can use the water fountains and minimise waste. Tea, coffee, water and squash are available all day.

Armistice Day

At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month we will remember them. Armistice is Latin and it means "stand (still) arms". In the UK, Armistice Day is recognised with a two minute silence at 11.00am on the 11th day of the 11th month. Hence, there will be a two minute silence at BCLXII, and details will be given during the welcome speech at 10.00am. 


People who have Covid19 symptoms should stay away please! People who wear masks and people who do not wear masks are equally welcome, and are to be respected for exercising their choice.

There will be no smoking, no vaping and no alcohol. This applies throughout the venue, including the roof terrace. 


We are grateful for the support of the following organisations whose generosity allows us to stage an event which is free for the attendees:

Please show them some love on social media before, during and after the event.


The Barcamp London Team