Sponsorship Packages

BarcampLondon has a track record of staging quality events with quality sponsors, and enthusiastic attendees.

a mash up of 25 headshots of attendees from an earlier event

Some of the regulars

Within the London tech community, comprising thousands of geeks, hackers and developers, Barcamp has a reputation for running inspirational events which span education, problem solving, coding, sysadmin, together with a bit of special interest and maker space contributions.

Glyn Wintle with the Correct Horse Battery Staple XKCD cartoon

Glyn Wintle presents a session called "I know your password"

Presentations, round table discussions, hands on workshops, ask the expert, games, and debates, are all part of the fun. Our events attract enthusiasts across all tech disciplines.


Sponsors will have:

  1. their logo and details on our website
  2. the logo will feature on posters at the event
  3. coverage in the regular mailing list messages
  4. a dedicated space for a trade stand
  5. tickets for up to 3 staff
  6. regular promotion on social media
  7. a speaking opportunity during the welcome session
  8. a tailored made session slot during the day's schedule
  9. direct contact with an audience of warm leads
  10. scope for tailor made engagement activities

With over 50 sessions across a variety of spaces, this 12th Barcamp London will be taking place in a well equipped, modern venue near White Hart Lane.

attendees at the lunchtime buffet - some seated and eating - some serving themsleves

A buffet lunch

Fixed price sponsorship is £1,200 + VAT. Plans can be adapted and we are open to suggestions. In the first instance sponsorship enquiries should be directed to:

Paul Brannigan (aka Proactive Paul)


Community Contributions

We welcome contributions from smaller concerns across the tech community. If you would like to be involved and cannot afford the standard sponsorship fee touch base with Paul and share your ideas.